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Welcome to ICS, Industrial Cleaning Solutions. We are an industrial cleaning company based in Essex providing a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services throughout the UK.


We have over 25 years experience in the industrial cleaning industry and were Initially set up as a normal cleaning company for offices, factories and warehouses but with time we have moved into more specialized cleaning services such as warehouse cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, high level cleaning, cold room or cold store cleaning, evaporator cleaning, sanitization, infection control, production line cleaning, steam cleaning, pressure washing, chewing gum removal and even dry ice cleaning and blasting. With this array of services we are confident that we can resolve any industrial cleaning issue you may have. However we are always looking for new and improved cleaning methods, systems and machinery so that we can continue offering the best possible service to our customers.


With experience we have found that it is important to have the correct equipment for the job to minimize disruption and keep costs down. We have equipment ranging from dry ice blasters, steam cleaners, van mounted pressure washers and even sit on scrubber dryers. The scrubber dryer we use can clean 5,000 sq metres per hour which is ideal for cleaning warehouse floors, car parks and any other large areas.


Industrial Cleaning Solutions is one of the few industrial cleaning companies that can offer dry ice blasting which is a revolutionary cleaning system. It is similar to sand blasting or pressure washing but due to the dry ice evaporating on impact it can be used on electrics, machinery and many other sensitive areas without leaving any mess. Our most popular use for this is on production lines and even though the dry ice itself is expensive it saves our customers a lot of money and inconvenience. It reduces or cuts out down time on the production line and saves on the labour cost of stripping the production line down and putting it back together. A typical scenario would be a production line that used to take 7 days for 4 technicians to strip down and clean would take us 2 nights for 2 cleaners with no down time on the production line at all.


Steam cleaning is used to kill bacteria or germs but is also very effective for many types of industrial cleaning. It is a great system for cleaning production lines in the food industry because it cleans stubborn dirt with low volumes of water, no chemicals and also eradicates bacteria. It can also be used for infection control in offices and in the health sector.


Cold store, evaporator and high level cleaning are other cleaning services that we are proud to offer. We ensure that all of our employees erecting platforms or operating machinery are certified accordingly with IPAF and PASMA. Most of our customers have this type of cleaning on a contractual basis and we would like to consider ourselves experts in this area.


Please look through the website to see if we can offer you the cleaning service you require. All of the pictures have been taken recently on site and will give you are good indication of the work we undertake, the standards we set and the equipment that we use to achieve this. For any questions please contact the office where a friendly member of staff will be pleased to help.

Industrial Cleaning